A New Year, An Old Song.

And here we go again, right back where we started from.

If you have bookmarked this site for I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing, please note that I have move that blog over to Blogger. This is the new URL.

This means that, along with Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet, I now have three functioning websites with which to annoy you. Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better…

Liquid Diet will continue to focus on craft beer and the Philadelphia beer scene and continue to be my primary site. Mermaids will now be primarily for political and social commentary, a place where I can rant to my heart’s content without worrying about offending the delicate sensibilities of those who suffer from that affliction.

And Curtin’s Corner will be the most personal of the three, where I write about what I’m doing, reading, watching and thinking about. It will also be where the life and times of High Maintenance Buddy will be recorded which that seems necessary. It is the site most in flux at this point, while I decide what needs to be added here and allow the previous persona to fade into the archives.

There will undoubtedly be crossover among the sites and I will try to alert regulars at one location about things that might interest them at one of the others. Your best bet, of course, is to visit all three regularly or subscribe to each via an RSS feed.

Or to ignore them all. That’s another approach.


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