Big Brother is alive and well in Britain.

This story, just latest in many which reveal the nature of Britain’s “surveillance society” is the sort of thing that sends a chill down the spine of those of us who value personal liberty and privacy. And it’s the sort of thing that, once upon a time, you’d think would be a centerpiece of conservative arguments against creeping Big Brotherism in this country.¬† It’s the kind of issue that crosses political lines and can get people to pay attention to other things you have to say.

Sadly, though, what is now call conservatism in the U.S. consists of people who cheered on the Bush Administration for every step they took toward invading personal privacy of all Americans. Obstructionism is their new mantra and tea parties their new platform. At a time when a serious opposition party is desperately needed, the GOP has abdicated both responsibility and conscience.


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