Why wingnuts rage against a world they cannot comprehend.

From a summary of  a  “White Paper”  by Peter Francene in the October 12 issue of Advertising AgeNew U.S. Census to Reveal Major Shift: No More Joe Consumer:

The 2010 Census is expected to find that 309 million people live in the United States. But one person will be missing: the average American.

“The concept of an ‘average American’ is gone, probably forever,” demographics expert Peter Francese writes in 2010 America, a new Ad Age white paper. “The average American has been replaced by a complex, multidimensional society that defies simplistic labeling.”


Selected findings of 2010 America:

“This census will show that no household type neatly describes even one-third of households,” Mr. Francese writes. “The iconic American family — married couple with children — will account for a mere 22% of households.”…

The most prevalent type of U.S. household? Married couple with no kids, followed closely by single-person households, according to Mr. Francese’s projections….

“One fact says it all,” Mr. Francese writes. “In the two largest states (California and Texas), as well as New Mexico and Hawaii, the nation’s traditional majority group — white non-Hispanics — is in the minority.” And in the nation’s 10 largest cities, he says, “no racial or ethnic category describes a majority of the population.”…

Consider these 2010 projections: 80% of people age 65-plus will be white non-Hispanics. But just 54% of children under age 18 will be white non-Hispanics. Mr. Francese observes: “White non-Hispanics will surely account for fewer than half of births by 2015.”

In 2010, Hispanics will be both the nation’s fastest-growing and largest minority (50 million people).

Fortunately, there are fine human beings like Michelle Bachmann out there urging her crazed constituency to refuse to cooperate with the Census.

Shut your eyes, clap your hands, click your heels and believe it is not so.

Yeah, that’ll work.


2 Replies to “Why wingnuts rage against a world they cannot comprehend.”

  1. Ah–but there’s a method to Bachmann’s madness. If you can claim that the census didn’t adequately count YOUR version of “real Americans,” you can argue that the data on the rising minority-majority in the nation are skewed and incorrect. And if you can claim that that skewing is a result of your urging your followers not to cooperate with the census…well, you can see where this is going….

  2. On a somewhat related note:

    I was driving a bus back from Kansas City’s airport to Columbia (about a 130 mile drive) this afternoon and while passing a semi-truck I noticed a message scrawled on the side of the trailer in the dust: “ENPEACH OBAMA.” Personally, I think this says a lot more than the scrawler intended…

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