Maybe we’ve always been this stupid. Worse yet, maybe we always will be.

I don’t know if it’s heartening news or not, but apparently the waves of Stupid we see on the tube and the internets these days are not exactly new.

From J. Kingston Pierce ‘s Rap Sheet, a very good crime & mystery fiction blog: *

My Partner the Ghost… [the]  supernatural detective drama from Britain was syndicated [under that title]  in the States during the early ’70s. According to Wikipedia, “audience research suggested that Americans would not understand the word ‘deceased.’”

I mean, might this be the stupidest county in the western world?

Exhibit A: We have come to the point where at least one of the dominant force in the mass media and one of our two major political parties thinks that’s not only swell, but freakin’ ideal!

Anybody under the age of thirty with marketable skills, or anyone of any age who is responsible for  young children, might really want to consider emigrating.

I know, it’s easy to say for me ’cause I’m too old for picking up and moving on to make much sense and I can’t really know how I’d feel if I fit the parameters I set there above.

From the perspective of who I  am now, though, I cannot envision how America will be a major factor on the world scene three to four decades down the road. I really don’t envision it as great place to be in 2050.

The scariest aspect of  our clear descent into stupidity at all levels, of course,  is the possibility that it leaves open several courses of action that might tear the country—indeed the whole world—apart. We have a helluva lot of destructive power for a bunch whose IQ is plummeting.

The future, I believe, is somewhere else.

It had better be.

* One of those requisite disclosure things: Pierce was my editor back in the days I reviewed for Rap Sheet.


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