Ranking the odious.

Despite the weeping, near madness of Glenn “one step away from a nervous breakdown” Beck, despite the inevitable snide and angry cluelessness of the vapid Sean Hannity, despite the shrill shrieking screams of the two Michelles (Malkin and Bachmann), despite the desperate cries for help and attention from the Coultergeist, despite the fact that any normal person would get up and walk out of any room one of them might enter and run screaming from one that two or more polluted with their presences, none of that pitiful menagerie comes close to the sheer odiousness of Rush “we need segregated school busses” Limbaugh, still a dubious champion of lying hypocrisy and banal blather after all these years. The only living creature in the right wing sphere of hate who even comes close is his near twin, Big Dick Cheney. I swear, if you rubbed the two of them together, there would be a great sulfurous explosion and Satan would appear, ready to do your bidding.


4 Replies to “Ranking the odious.”

  1. I don’t think you can even take Hannity seriously. The man’s “show” is pathetic, and his ignorance should have monuments erected in its honor. The kids and I refer to him as The Dumbest Man in Radio.

  2. He do have the look of one of those sit-com TV anchors. I am surprised you spend any time watching him. One viewing ought to do the job. And I suspect he and Bill O’Reilly (too off the radar these days to have made my list) quiver in fear daily that Beck will get one of their prime time slots.

  3. Watch his show? As if! I listen to both right and leftwing loon radio, I like to keep an eye on the fringe. But Hannity I only listen to for a laugh. The man is an ass.

  4. Personally, I have far too little free time to listen to any blather, left or right. Sorting out the facts from the (science) fiction being foisted on us by the “mainstream” media is tough enough. Is it just me or since the “fairness doctrine” was abolished has anyone in the media (other than Faux News) taken a true stand on the factualness of any issues? It always seems to me they’re always doing “Well, this side says that and the other side says this,” with no room for fact checking either side and even weight given to anyone who opens his mouth whether what they say makes sense or not.

    Damn I miss Walter Cronkite.

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