It’s his race, stupid.


Every thing appears to be normal now, with all posts and responses showing. Way weird.


The two posts below, plus the thread itself with a couple of comments, seems to have disappeared. The only way I can access it is using this link from my Gmail notice that a reponse has been added:

It works if you click on but I assume that conversation is dead if nobody can see it.

Does Facebook censor conversations?


Two comments I just posted on Facebook (the second is a response to someone replying to the first). Analyze and discuss. There will be a written test later.

The “how dare the President speak to my child” controversy has brought into sharp focus what had been only strongly indicated before: the constant & vicious attacks on Barack Obama from the right are based in large part on race. We always knew there was still a large & dangerous strain of racial hatred in the US; what we never expected is that it would be embraced by one of the two major parties & its media cohort.


Of course you, I, anyone can disagree with anyone. That’s not the point here. Listen to what’s being said, look at the desperate faces of those who have been taken by the whole concerted campaign of lies, listen to what they say, read the signs they carry. Then try to imagine such lunacy directed at any of the recent presidents. The closest we came were the “The Clintons murder people” and “George W. Bush knew about 911 in advance” stuff and it was nothing like this. When all else has been logically eliminated, what remains is likely the truth.

What, you thought I was gonna give you the holiday week off?

You can follow the thread, should it develop, here.


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