Anyone can happen.

Love that line (which makes perfect sense if you know the show and its concept) and that is, of course, the only reason I’m posting this promo for Dollhouse and the incredible Eliza Dushku.

dollhouseIt’s buried in the usual Friday night science-fiction ghetto, but you really need to give it a try if it’s the sort of thing you like, because that’s the sort of thing it is.


6 Replies to “Anyone can happen.

  1. As I understand the concept it’s about people who sell themselves to an agency that wipes their memory for (five years?) and then rents them out with implanted memories for various reasons and actions. Sounds really interesting concept-wise. AS with anything it will all be in the execution of the concept that makes or breaks it.

  2. I know I could Google the info Jack, but the way you ‘splain things is so much better!

    Thanx to Rob for the help. I believe I read an SF novel once that was similar in theme, though of course I am sure it differed in details.

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