God love Bill’s Auto Repair.

Some days are just pure gold. My car has been acting up a lot over the past week and yesterday it started sputtering and stalling and the dreaded (although often meaningless) “Check Engine” light went on. I managed to get home from the Beer Yard and dropped it off at Bill’s Auto Repair, about a half mile from my apartment and then walked home, mostly uphill in the sweltering heat, to begin a long period of worry and concern (a major repair bill is NOT what I need right now) until the phone rang a couple of minutes ago.

“You car is ready,” said Bill. “It was a bad cam sensor and since I put one in for you last year, I did this one under warranty. No charge.”

I love that man.

In a manly way, of course.


9 Replies to “God love Bill’s Auto Repair.”

  1. “I love that man.

    In a manly way, of course.”

    Considering what he could have charged you (and what most mechanics would have charged you), I think it would be okay to have kinky, weird man-sex with him. No one would hold it against you.

    Okay. Some people would…

  2. I am very happy to hear this. I count upon you having good transportation in the event I suddenly decide to wing my way east and visit you.

    I too am in a much better mood than a while ago! Today I found out that my daughter is with child! This will be, everything working as it should, knock wood, her first and my 4th grandchild. Hoping for a girl as I have three grandsons already.

  3. That is fine news, although both your daughter and I have serious concerns about anything that might attract you to this side of the continent with more regularity. Or at all.

  4. Actually, traveling with more regularity is too expensive. Might just relocate instead. Thinking of maybe resuming my work career around that area. Don’t want to crowd my kids too much. You, on the other hand….

  5. Naw, I am sure something else would show up. I did have a short lived job at a Nuke plant on the west coast. Maybe I could get a part time job doing something there at the one right near you! What could possibly go wrong with that idea?

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