From out of the distant past, a yellowed image of lost youth and faded dreams…

My old college roommate Gerry C. sent me this photo Friday….


That’s Gerry on the left and Terri, his soon-to-be wife and then (if I understand the chronology correctly) his not-wife, then his wife-again and these days back to not- plus she’s no longer called Terri, on the right. They frame me and the lovely Noreen O’Brian in the center.  The photo was taken many decades ago when even the cool kids went to the Junior Prom.

I post this because it gives me giggles and offers proof that I was too young and innocent, once a long time ago. Also I want to come back to this post periodically and ponder three questions which this fading image raises in my mind:

What the devil am I looking at off camera instead of smiling into the camera like everybody else?

Where and why did Noreen get that awful dress?  (Admittedly, I don’t remember noticing its awfulness at the time, because it was strapless and very low cut, two admirable characteristics which caught the attention of younger me.)

And did I really have Obama ears way back when?


11 Replies to “From out of the distant past, a yellowed image of lost youth and faded dreams…”

  1. >>>>…proof that I was too young and innocent…<<

    Yes, you likely were too young, but innocent is still very hard to believe.

  2. Kevin:

    yeah, but in Jack’s day, it worked like in the Flintstones–there was a little bird inside the camera, chiseling out a picture.

  3. No comment. It’s just too easy. And like they say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then post it to Jack’s blog instead.”

  4. Yikes! That’s some combination, Roan. But, young lady, I am not wearing a “white suit.” Double yikes! This was a formal event and I am wearing the appropriate white dinner jacket. My roomie is wearing the classic and also appropriate (albeit less so in the springtime when this event was held) black tux. You kids today…

  5. Y’know, most old photos I can put in Photoshop and bring back the faded color. Then there are some that just refuse to be fixed as the color that’s faded has faded completely away. Can you guess which photo falls into the later category?…:)

  6. Hey, Rob, I know. I worked on that sucker for quite a while…and then in the end–maybe a cop-out–I learned to love the faced quality. for me, it captures exactly what I said, “lost youth and faded dreams.”

    That was then, this is now.

    For a while at least. It always changes.

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