Reconciling reconciliation. Stop the lies before they start.

Because we all know that when the Democrats finally get some balls and use reconciliation to get health care reform, watered down though it might be, passed, there will be screams of “Fascists!” and “Dictatorship!” and “The End of America as We Know it!” from all the usual liars and nutcases, you might want to make note of the following.

George Bush used reconciliation for his tax cuts and to open the Arctic Wildlife refuge for domestic oil drilling when he was in office.

Republicans used reconciliation to pass the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001

the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003

and the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005.

Saint Ronnie Reagan used reconciliation to pass his historic tax cuts for the rich.

In fact, (quote from that last link):

The counter-argument is that every president since Ronald Reagan has used reconciliation one time or another for everything from deficit reduction to renewing a student loan program.

All links above are from this post at Crooks And Liars.

It would not hurt at all, might I further suggest, to bookmark this post and forward that link to the appropriate news organization or talking head each and every time they buy into or are bamboozled by the uproar from the Wingnut Scream Machine.

Let’s not let them–any of of them, all of them–get away with this crap any longer.


4 Replies to “Reconciling reconciliation. Stop the lies before they start.”

  1. And those acts of reonciliation led to a great economy. Jack, for real, how on earth can this country keep spending money? I know just print more… but darn it, can’t you understand that if you keep taxing, taxing, taxing, taxing, thos who had it to pay will eventually not have it to pay? How much can we afford to keep taking and redistributing? Like oil, money will run out too!

  2. A major part of the reason we are in this economic mess (aside from the pure capitalistic nonsense and crimes we’ve been gifted with by the “businessmen” we are supposed to think are our best and brightest) is that we have allowed our health care system to become the most expensive and among the least efficient in the world while simultaneously making it less and less accessible for more and more of our fellow citizens. Either we fix that or nothing can stop the impending disaster. The rest of the industrialized world has figured it out; we instead allow lies and distortions to skew the discussion, celebrate public disruptions in lieu of reasoned discussions and worry that some clown might one day be forbidden to carry his sub-machine gun into a church or public meeting. Look around, Rick, take off the blinders and see what’s becoming of our country. American history, if there’s anyone left to write it or cares, will record this period as the dumbest, most destructive in American history. Whether they will laugh at us or cry over what we allowed to slip away is an open question.

  3. Did you read the last bit of that Wikipedia link you provided on reconciliation? The part where Sen. Byrd (D-Antiquity) “insisted that the [Clinton] health care plan was out of bounds for a process that is theoretically about budgets.”

    Eh. We’ll see what happens. Whatever happened to the days when “filibuster” meant “not leaving the Senate floor till your bladder bursts”?

  4. Gotta admit I missed Bobby Byrd’s thoughts, Lew. Does this mean I have become a teabagger/confused elderly citizen and/or ranting lunatic? I believe I can pull off at least the latter two if need be since they are apparently the same thing, only with wrinkles in one case.

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