The signing of Michael Vick by the Philadelphia Eagles is one of those singular events that forces us to confront both our principles and our fears.

It’s easy enough to say “everybody deserves a second chance” until that second chance is happening on your street.  “Not In My Back Yard” is a real emotional trigger and it is neither liberal nor conservative.

I admit I’m struggling with it.


One Reply to “NIMBY.”

  1. I have come to the conclusion that the major reason the Eagles singed Michael Vick is to give Philadelphia a reason to talk about them in August, as opposed to just the Phillies.

    I have noted, in my ten years here, that–until last year–once Eagles training camp opened, the only sports story in town was the Eagles. (The Phils…oh yeah, they’re still playing, but who cares? They can’t win….) Last year, with a pennant race on, that changed…and with the Phillies in first place again this year, they would have remained THE sports story of the late summer and early fall.

    I suspect the Eagles’ management couldn’t abide that and found, in the Vick signing, a way to make themselves the lead story once again.

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