Some common sense about fixing healthcare…

…i.e., you won’t see it mentioned, much less discussed, on cable TV nor will a word about escape the mouth of a single Republican member of Congress.

Read it.


One Reply to “Some common sense about fixing healthcare…”

  1. Since May, when Cindy found work as a consultant, we have been covered under COBRA. We looked into an individual policy a bit, but was told that with our daughter having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, we weren’t going to be able to find anything that was better at this point.

    COBRA is terribly expensive, but we can afford it right now. I’d hate to think how things might be for folks with less ability to pay. Something has to change – I don’t know what we will be doing after the 18 months of COBRA eligibility runs out if nothing changes. We and our employers have paid into the system for over 20 years, but we could find ourselves without coverage just when we need it.

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