Common ground with Dowd.

In her column this morning wherein she thankfully stays clear of facile and generally ridiculous political insights, Maureen Dowd momentarily wins my heart with this question to Nora Ephron:

Q: Is there any dish you really hate, the way I hate brussels sprouts?

Yes, Maureen, oh yes.

Were I not thus smitten, I surely would have been so by both points in Ephron’s answer to a later question about those restaurant chef cooking shows which are all the rage these days:

What Julia Child did was to make people think that if she could cook, they could, too. These chefs do the exact opposite. And all this stacking up of food — what is this about? I don’t want my string beans leaking into my chicken, much less sitting underneath it.

Yeah, I just got up, breakfast is a-cookin’ and I’m bored. Sue me.


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