Wink one for the Gipper.


America’s Wingnut Sweetheart is bailing out again, reneging on a commitment to speak before Simi Valley Republican Women at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum a week from today.

This is apparently an annual gathering where elderly ladies in pillbox hats stare hopefully at the Museum doors for hours and pray that Ronnie will be resurrected to save us from our sins.

A spokesperson for AKA Caribou Barbie said that, since the speech (her first official public appearance since deserting her job) would eventually be over anyway, she wanted to quit now and devote her valuable time to….um, something else.

Bloggers at Red State and National Review Online were unanimous in praising the decision, saying that it exemplified Palin’s leadership skills. Most mainstream news organizations ran with an AP story which said this was good news for the GOP and means that Barack Obama’s birth certificate doesn’t exist.

Jesus wept.


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