Four reasons America is so screwed up.

This is worth a read….and some thought. I believe point #3 is one which is often overlooked even though it contains within it the seeds of the collapse of our political system and lies at the heart of such idiocies as Going Galt and Teabag Revolts (and perhaps much darker things coming down the road).


5 Replies to “Four reasons America is so screwed up.”

  1. Yes, it is largely people who put forth the idea that those four things in the article you reference are what is unhinging America who will likely bring about its downfall.

  2. What concerns me the most is the additional fear that “Illegitimate, Liberal Gun-Hater Obama” will take away “our guns” fueling a huge surge in gun purchases and even a shortage in ammunition. Add to this surge of gun sales to a fear and loathing of the “Other-Who-Is-Obama” and I’m worried some nut(s) with a gun is going to try to assassinate him. I certainly hope the Secret Service is on top of this. I can’t even fathom the reaction from all the factions with investment in, and even against, this president if he were to be attacked and/or killed in office. -shudder-

  3. Personally I’m glad that there are a lot people doing exactly what you’re worried about. I hope it’s causing fear in Obama and his coterie in the same way it is in you, Rob.

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

    — Thomas Jefferson

    As for the reaction to Obama’s assassination – There would be civil unrest caused from certain demographics, but I think you overestimate Obama’s power. JFK was gunned down and their was little unrest.

    The above is not meant to endorse or condone an assassination of Obama. I see little point in it since it would change very little. Why kill when it’s a waste to do so?

  4. Stunningly so. Especially since Obama and his staff have repeatedly said they have no desire to take on gun control despite the chattering class hinting otherwise. This is a false drumbeat by gun manufacturers to increase sales… and it’s working. That anyone thinks this is a “good idea” is… well…

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