“What these guys were praying for was a chance to get lucky…”

Maureen Dowd this morning, on GOP hypocrites and the Sotomayor hearings:

The C Street house, as the flag-flying brick rowhouse near the Capitol is known, serves as a residence and Bible study retreat for many Christian conservative lawmakers. But it looks as if what these guys were praying for was a chance to get lucky.

John Ensign, the Promise Keeper who broke all his promises, resides there. As The Washington Post reported, Senator Tom Coburn, who lives there, had an emotional meeting about forgiveness at the house with Doug Hampton, the husband of Ensign’s mistress. (Forgiveness plus bribery can often do the trick.) Coburn says he would not talk to a court or the Senate ethics committee about the episode because he was counseling Ensign partly as a doctor. (Coburn is an ob-gyn.)

Last week, The Associated Press revealed that the estranged wife of a former Republican congressman, Chip Pickering of Mississippi, had filed an alienation of affection lawsuit seeking damages against her husband’s gal pal, a wealthy former college sweetheart named Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd.

The suit charges that as a lawmaker, Chip used C Street as a divine love nest. “Ultimately,” it says, “Creekmore Byrd gave Pickering the option to remain a public servant or become a private citizen and continue relations with her.”

[ … ]

Judge Sotomayor kept her feelings in check, while her white male Republican interrogators dissolved into whining about wanting to keep their guns and nunchakus and wishing they could get back some sway over what women do with their bodies.

If they are so interested in women’s bodies, maybe they should just move to C Street.

[A Shameful Confession from the management: This is the first of two posts this morning when I will be quoting Maureen Dowd. Given Dowd’s ongoing record of vacuity in recent years, this is both a record and a cause of introspection. Still, when you’re right, you’re right and she’s right. Plus funny. That counts too.]


One Reply to ““What these guys were praying for was a chance to get lucky…”

  1. I am similarly amazed to see this. TWO quotes from Maureen Dowd? It is obviously one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse.

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