As I periodically explain,  both in person and around here, I have synchronized all my telephone numbers to ring simultaneously when you dial  my primary number. If you call me at home and I’m not here, my cell phones ring at the same time as the one on the desk. If I have so chosen, other phones where I will be also ring.

If you dial one of my cell phones (two at present, soon down to one) and I don’t have the phone with me or don’t hear it, you are out of luck.

This is a matter of convenience for callers and for me and why I have to fight certain people to get them to stop using the cell number is a mystery to me.

Aside from dealing with the recalcitrant, the only issue I have never been able to resolve is that if I call  someone from my cell their phone captures that number and call-backs and subsequent calls are to the cell.

I report all this because it seems that Google is in the processing of releasing Google Voice, which will deal with that issue and provide many other appealing capabilities.

A programmed “this number has been disconnected” response for certain specified callers? I am so in for that.

If there were a way to make my current primary number my Google Voice number I would be all over it. For now, I will just play with it a bit when and if they deign to make me part of the release group.


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