Links, we got links.

I’ve been working on the links here of late to try and make them as much fun and as eclectic an assortment as I can, within the parameters, obviously, of my own peculiar tastes. With that in mind, I offer for your clicking pleasure, four of the newest additions:


Idiocracy Index


Blog of Unnecessary Quotes

Comments and opinions welcome. And new suggestions for offbeat links enthusiastically welcomed (only three per week, Carl).


11 Replies to “Links, we got links.”

  1. Love XKCD. So far, don’t think much of Mediaite, and I suspect that, unless the people I read start referencing it a lot, I won’t be looking at the site after the next day or so.

    The other sites are new to me, so, of course, thanks for passing them on.

  2. Can’t believe you’ve never linked to this though. The single MOST read blog online, I believe.

    Truly touching, sad, happy, emotional and philosophic. I read it multiple times EVERY week.

    Sent ONE postcard once. And it got published!

  3. I just cannot understand your bias against Bacom, the best tasting stuff on earth next to beer! I am tempted now not to buy you the new Bacon Salt I saw at the store. As it says on the label, “Everything should taste like Bacon”.

  4. Carl – I got my son Tommy some Bacon Salt for Christmas. He’s a firm believer in “Everything’s better with Bacon.”

    I really want to try Baconnaise. But I’m Afraid.

  5. Tim,

    You should NEVER have fear of anything associated with Bacon. It’s just to good to ever be able to cause any harm. I need to find the link to the Bacon Beer thing-ee again….

  6. It’s a new week!

    This one is WAY MAJORLY cool!!! Pics galore and insanely interesting!!! Always new and never boring, This is THE place to see where people are poting pics via the Tweet!

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