CIS redux.

As I noted on FaceBook or Twitter or one of those places, Mama Curtin didn’t raise her no fools.

Gonna ride this horse until it collapses.

Trouble is, I’m facing a slew of deadlines and they pay the rent so my time is gonna be limited.

I hate it when reality interferes with my life.

For a time  I dwelt among the comics geeks and then the path took me to the beer geeks. Now I am potentially surrounded by both. I may have achieved nirvana.

I feel like Sarah Palin at a whine-fest.

Anyway, here’s some more extensive background on the CompuServe service for those who are interested.

Plus be aware that I am in possession of photos.

Stay tuned.

Once upon a time, when the world was young and all things seemed possible,  I was 72437,506.


2 Replies to “CIS redux.”

  1. I am starting to think maybe I should not have sent those pictures to you the other day….

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