Come on, you know you wanted it.

Here’s the full-blown version of the campaign poster from the Outside Looking In cartoon below.



One Reply to “Come on, you know you wanted it.”

  1. About Bachmann:

    In my adult life, I believe I have been a part of the U.S. Census twice (I turned 18 in 1980, so I was probably covered under my parents). On one, I received the “long form” Census, with many questions about my circumstances (such as how many bathrooms with running water we had). I decided that most of them were invasions of privacy – if the government wanted to know all that, they could go to the secret government database with all the gathered information about me and look it up. So, I didn’t answer most of the questions beyond the ones about how many people were in my household.

    A few months later I got a phone call asking if I would mind answering the missing questions on the form, I said I’d rather not, and the person said, “Okay, I’ll mark you down as a refusal.” And that was the last I heard of it.

    So, she might be a nutcase overall (some of the other links I found gave me that notion), but in this instance I probably am closer to agreeing with her than not.

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