His purpose in life.

bdoorThe hill behind the building in which I live has served as a back yard for me and my dogs since I moved here, since it is not traveled by residents for the most part and those apartments which open onto it as mine does tend to house people who don’t see its possibilities.

This summer, however, a trio or more of little girls have begun using it as a path to the swimming pool which rests at the bottom of the hill on its far end. Buddy has not noticed this until today, but when he did notice, he did so Big Time.

Now he has stationed himself at the door with a watchful eye on the world outside so that he can bark fiercely and steadily as they run by. They do this one by one by one and by the time all have gone to the pool at least one is racing back to wherever it is that they live.

This may sound cute, but what it is mostly is noisy.


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