A comment from Swampland.

If you’re not familiar with it,”Swampland” is the Time Magazine blog site. This morning, a reader had this to say on the topic of health care reform:

Three points about “health care reform”:

First, no one is talking about how many Americans are ALREADY on Federal health care, with the government as payer. These would include ALL US military and their families, ALL retired US military and their families, ALL federal employees and their families, active and retired whether Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches, ALL Medicare and Medicaid recipients, ALL Federal prisoners.
Toss in ALL state and local government employees, and it’s a heck of a large number. NO ONE IS TOTALLING THIS CROWD!
If you put the UNINSURED on ONE side, and the GOVERNMENTALLY INSURED on the other, who’s left? Let’s see the numbers!
Second, the President has already endorsed the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, originated and operated by civil servants in the Department of Education. This is because it’s simpler, cheaper, and probably fairer. The parallels with single payer health insurance are PALPABLE, but NO ONE is talking about them. Why not?
Third, and very important, SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN receive VERY GENEROUS health care benefits, and are not taxed for them, and they’re paid for BY THE GOVERNMENT, and WHO ARE THEY to deny similar benefits to others? Are they THAT MUCH BETTER THAN WE ARE??

Aside from the unseemly capital letters, a pretty good challenge to the forces (some of them, sadly, among those who are supposedly on the side of real reform) who are choosing to stand in opposition to the will of the people.

The post to which this comment applies is well worth your time reading, by the way, as is the video which is part of same. the “damned liberal media” appear to be AWOL yet again.


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