The dog is back.


You knew him here as Buddy. After he was banished over to the other place, he went “street” for a while and took on the non-de-plume of BDawg, a role that was more acting out than sustainable. That brief fling now resolved, he is currently free free to roam here, there, anywhere that his canine heart desires.

And we shall call him High Maintenance Buddy, a moniker well earned. To be fair, while I attribute his issues to nature as much as to nurture for the most part, I do accept part of the blame; I have foolishly allowed him to  established himself as the Alpha Male around these parts.

Perhaps that was unavoidable. When you choose a rescue dog, you take on a lot of problems that you don’t know about and which the dog can’t explain for you. You know he’s had a bad time along the way here so you tend to accommodate his needs rather than control them.

I think I’ve been lucky. Buddy adjusted to his new home within a day or two and has grown stronger and more adventuresome almost daily. Whereas he seemed to walk with a limp and be extra cautious in the beginning, now he can stand on his rear legs and try, without much success, to leap up onto the bed or couch, and he obviously feels like the master of his domain.

It is an almost daily occurrence for someone to stop us on our walks and comment that “he looks so happy,” which is obviously very satisfying for me. Yeah, he’s high maintenance with his home-baked treats, daily medication and weekly baths. He’s demanding about his schedule with a look, a series of weird indescribable sounds or outright barking announcing Buddy wants to eat, Buddy want to walk, Buddy would like a ride in the car, Buddy needs attention, or similar needs, but, you know what? He makes me laugh out loud at least four or five times a day. That’ s a value beyond measure.

Now, about that “adventuresome” thing. What dark danger might Buddy have uncovered in this shadowy scene?

You’ll have to go over here to find out.


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