Democrats are winning the young, the educated, women, minorities and virtually every thinking segment of the electorate.

It didn’t begin with Obama,  but it culminated there.

The GOP is winning Limbaugh listeners and the near insane (which is essentially repeating myself).

Somebody really ought to ask Newt “I am a genius” Gingrich and Karl “not as genius-y as me” Rove how their plans for a permanent Republican majority are going. Fortunately, albeit for no discernible reason, those guys are on TV all the time, so it should be no problem catching up with them between Liz Cheney screeds.

This is actually not a good thing at all for the nation, but no party in modern times has so deserved its fate so let’s revel in the moment for just a bit.

And, oh yeah, let’s not forget to express our undying thanks to Li’l Georgie and Big Dick, who made all this possible.


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