Words beyond measure.

I stayed overnight in the city yesterday so this morning I picked up a copy of USA Today outside my door as I was leaving. Not a paper I usually read but since there’s a fair chance that before long it will be our only newspaper, I guess I should get in the habit.

They have a little feature on the bottom of the front page called USA TODAY Snapshots which caught my eye, apparently a daily monitor statistical data. This one was titled…

How Many Words Are There?

Working from the bottom of their five-language list: Russian – 195,000 words; Spanish – 225,000+ words; Japanese – 232,000 words; Chinese (various dialects) – 500,000+ words, and…

English – 999,985 words, a mere 15 four-letter epithets  short of a flat 1 million.

Considering that I  run into more and more people every day—you know who you are—who apparently know maybe a couple of hundred words at best, a goodly portion of those consisting of four-letter epithets, I have to figure somebody out there is hoarding a lot more than his fair share.

And, you know, if we could get my pal Carl P’s “confusered” officially recognized, we’d only be four short of that million mark.


One Reply to “Words beyond measure.”

  1. FWIW, Confuser, confuseration and confusering are already listed in the Urban Dictionary. Confusered does come up in google searches so eventually, I expect to be recognized for the word. Fame and fortune are sure to follow after that.

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