This guy apparently believes that Sonia Sotomayor should not be approved for the Supreme Court because of how she pronounces her last name.

And this guy say the President of the United States has views on diversity similar to those of a “21-year-old Hispanic girl.”

Note that this Dumb does not come from the outer edges of the Right Wing fringe nor the depths of the wingnut intertubes. Not even from the Rush-Sean-Coulter et al scream machine.

These are posts by contributors to the National Review and The Weekly Standard, two publications which are supposedly more indicative of mainstream (i.e., “sane”) conservative thought.

These days, I cannot even laugh at this crap because in the back of my mind the realization that some segment of the body politic might actually be going stark raving mad sends up warning signals that this is no longer funny.

It’s scary.


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