Tough talking wimps hiding under their beds.

I presume we’ve all seen this?

The whole bunch of them—the tea-baggers, the gone-galt-ers, the merely insane and borderline racist—are something to behold.Serial draft-evader and undisclosed location-cowering Dick Cheney is their heroic idol.

They see themselves as Jack Bauer (except for the parts where he, you know, actually does anything dangerous) but wet their pants believing that their imagined adversaries are Michael Scofield (it is pure irony that one of the most evil, despicable and cowardly characters on that latter show was named…wait for it…T-Bag).

Here’s a suggestion for the Right Wing Wimp Brigade: while you’re hiding under your beds at the very thought of terrorists being imprisoned in the United States, think about what they think of you in, of all places, The Netherlands.

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