Whatever happened to “going Galt?”

I mean, that shit disappear fast.


8 Replies to “Whatever happened to “going Galt?””

  1. That’s the spirit! Show others your contempt for their personal autonomy and their right to exist for their own sakes. If you don’t have the power, like the current administration has asserted, to force others to work as slaves for the benefit of others, then the least you can do is ridicule them. “We all have to do out part for the cause.”

  2. So, do you really think, as your website promotes, that the sending a boring old novel as an expression of “personal autonomy” will convince anybody of anything? That if Atlas Shrugged goes to #1 on a bestseller list somewhere, minds will be changed?


    I do, I must say, treasure the image of your people going through and underlining the “good parts” before shipping them off–it’s a little like high-school guys with porn back in the days when porn wasn’t mainstream.

    You know, the whole books-to-politicians program is, well, almost like you’re all doing your part for the cause.

  3. Yes, I think that if more people read Atlas Shrugged (good job ridiculing the book, too), certain thinking individuals will learn, among other things, something important about what freedom requires, and will see a dramatic presentation of the distinction between the type of people who produce and those who loot. And that is a very important lesson that applies to the actions of today’s politicians.

    But, based upon everything you have said above, I certainly don’t expect anything to change your mind.


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