Reveal everything, Mr. Obama. [UPDATED]

[NOTE: I did a real disservice in the original post by referencing only the Frank Rick column and not Robert Draper’s GQ story which it references. My bad, herewith fixed.]

Good column by Frank Rich this morning. The stuff about Rumsfeld preying on the Worst. President. Ever.’s simplistic religious fantasies is downright frightening.

For me, at least, this the final piece of evidence (not that I had much doubt in the first place) that the Obama Administration is way off base in its attempts to pretend the crimes of the Bush Administration are best left unrevealed and unprosecuted, if only because the horse has left the proverbial barn.

The truth is going to come out, one way or the other. It is time for President Obama to ride that horse instead of vainly trying to catch it and hustle it back behind closed doors.

Trying to placate the Right Wing Scream Machine is both impossible and a waste of time and energy. There is no there there with which to reach any acceptable compromises.  Big Dick and Oxycontin Rush are the face of the GOP; that is what they are.  And the Administration is adding to that reality  by  steadily peeling off  its few remaining moderate and intelligent Republican voices (Utah Governor John Huntsman just yesterday). Ignore the idealogues and allow them to shepherd their little cabal to a  slow, painful irrelevancy. then  hope, for the good of the nation, that a more informed, less rigid “loyal opposition” arises in its place.

Giving in to the Generals and their highly improbable claim that the release of photos (which, I repeat, will come out anyway sooner or later) will somehow inflame our enemies in a way that shooting and bombing them did not makes no sense at all. And it wouldn’t hurt if the White House would stop the vacillating on Guantanamo and military tribunals. Bush Light is not going to fly for very long.

Mr. Obama, be the president the American people elected you to be.


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