Wherein I say something nice about George W. Bush.

I still believe he was the Worst. President. Ever. and that nothing could ever rehabilitate his reputation, but there’s no denying that Dick Cheney’s Desperation Tour (coming yet again to a Liberal Media Elite talking heads show near you any minute now) at least adds another checkmark in the positive column (and no, that’s not a blank space, Dubya was good on some issues, Aids in Africa in particular).

Now that Big Dick is out there trying to stave off the inevitable revelations about his crimes and misdemeanors and feeling free to no longer pretend he was not the functioning president during the last eight years, we can only give credit to the former Good Ol’ Cowboy (seen any stories about him clearing out brush in Crawford  lately?) who nominally held the Oval Office for essentially shutting down Cheney in his last year in office. Even he began to realize he was under the thumb of a madman, proving that the most obtuse among us can reach enlightenment now and then.

Cheney’s act is clear. He’s setting himself up so that no matter what happens, or when, in terms of an attack on the U.S. or his forces, he can point and say snarl “See! See!” He is despicable in every way and perhaps even more of a turn-off to the great mass of voters than his soulmate and fellow draft evader OxyContin Rush. Every time his near rabid countenance appears on the TV screen is a political plus for progressives, but it’s certainly not good for the blood pressure of anyone sane who bothers to listen.


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