Help a brother out.

This is about Skype.

And  a BBQ grille too big for its my britches.

Somewhere along the line I signed up for a Skype account for reasons which, I presume, made sense at the time. I never use it. It does go active when I boot up the computer and if I forget to disable the connection I get periodic emails from—presuming again—women who apparently want my body, which only communicates to me that they have never seen my body. So, do I want this? Why? And what the hell is it?  I see today that it is owned by eBay, which is trying to unload it. Couldn’t they just auction it off?

A while back, I decided to get back to basics grilling-wise (I think the wingnuts would call this Going John Galt) and told my daughter I was going to get rid of my gas grille and get a good old-fashioned one which uses charcoal. She offered to buy me same in return for my giving the gas one to her as a backup for when they have these huge parties around the swimming pool that these kids do these days,  and then proceeded to get  me very, very large grille. The thing is, I am usually cooking for one and getting proper heat for a single chicken breast or the like, especially if I want to do something with top down like a pizza, is both time-consuming and a waste of charcoal.  Comes to that, all my outdoor cooking is now a waste of charcoal because of how much I need to use. I have it in the back of my head that there exists some sort of small frame or the equivalent which one can use to deal with this issue (although I admittedly can’t see how that would help with top-down grilling). Anybody have any idea what I might be thinking of? Or if I am thinking at all?

This has been a desperate cry for help. Do not be callous and walk right by the poor fool in tattered rags….


4 Replies to “Help a brother out.”

  1. I believe those small BBQ grills were/are called Hibachi’s. They’re just big enough for maybe 4 hamburgers or two nice size pork steaks. I got a gas one for my wedding and never used it (I never got the gas tank for it). It’s now a rusted wreck somewhere and no longer usable. A quick check at

  2. I’m familiar with Hibachi’s (the George Foreman grilles is something of an indoor version), but I’m talking about something to use with my existing grill. This all probably makes no sense but I have this nagging feeling that there is something out there that does what I want it to do, whatever it is that I want it to do.

  3. Use ONE corner of the grill with a small pile of charcoal, leave the rest empty.

    Failing that, go to the nearest Target or something like that regionally and look for the SMOKEY JOE by Weber. Get the Charcoal one, not the propane one though I like propane better because it is easy. They may also have a generic type just like the SMOKEY JOE and that is ok too. They cost not much, like about 20-50 bones and are GREAT!

    T%here is no way other than the corner method to use a large grill without using a lot of charcoal.

    Or invite someone over to help eat more food. An italian person that likes to grillfood is a good idea. They could help you eat Rib Eye steaks cooked just blood rare, please. Merely a suggestion.

    Also, inviting an Italian person over for grilled chicken helps use up too much grill and charcoal as well. Or pork chops. Or Veal, but you are getting the idea now.

  4. Hey, you could also invite Welsh guys over too. With all that grill even the Italian guy can’t eat it all…

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