Saturday stuff.

Regular visitor Carl P went to see Watchmen and says this guy’s opinion is pretty much dead on.

I was much amused by a small AP story that appeared in the Houston Chronicle and posted my thoughts and a link over here.  Do read the Comments; they’re up to eight and climbing, each one dumber than the last.

Jon Swift is a very funny man and this is a very funny post.

I am on Twitter and Facebook. Actually, I signed up for both way back but never used them. I take some pride in the fact that I decided to work both, especially the former, just before the national craze broke a week or two back.  Both are now linked under A List: My Stuff to the right and I invite you to follow along.

Rather than being the giant boondoggle most of the press and all of the wingnuts make it out to be, could the stimulus package actually be too small?

I’d promised to make the new Outside Looking In cartoon by Rob Davis and me less political than The Dubya Chronicles (now in reruns, collect ’em all). Having a hard time doing that. We’ll see what I come up with this week.


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