Just because people have been asking…

Am I a little nervous? Yes.

But as Bob Herbert writes today in this column, with which I pretty much agree across the board, the man has been in the White House a mere six weeks.

Part of me knows that the President has shown, time and again throughout his career, that he sees a Big Picture (bigger than most of us can grasp, more often than not) and will win the majority of his battles in the end.

And I know that his generally ignoring the prattle of the Washington Insiders, the pitiful Washington Press Corps and the Right Wing Scream Machine is a Good Thing, even though it goes against every instinct that most of us have, me especially, to smack back at ’em. Wasting time getting caught up in the “The sky stock market is falling!” hysteria would be just silly.

Conversely, I think the decision to focus some energy on making the eminently unlikable Rush Limbaugh (anent the Clinton Administration’s setting up the equally unattractive Newt Gingrich to emerge from the rear of Air Force One whining about his seat and turn off the populace big time) makes real sense. The Republican Party is in the process of identifying itself as the party of “no” and “no ideas” for a generation of Americans and the Ol’ Pill Popper is a perfect face for their descent into irrelevancy from the Democrats’ perspective.

But I do worry, most especially about the banking situation. And the lack of a strong and complete econonmic team working on it and the stimulus in general.


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