Big love for Big Love.

While waiting for Big Love to start last night, I peeked in at the opening half-hour of the Oscar Presentations and was very impressed with Hugh Jackman. The man’s got talent. And here I thought he was just Wolverine.

But this is about the show I was waiting for. Big Love has moved itself up into the top ranks of HBO series, which is to say up very high in the levels of quality television. It’s not quite The Sopranos, Six Feet Under or the sadly short-circuited Deadwood, but it’s eons better than you might expect the tale of a Mormon businessman trying to deal with keeping his old-school marriage (three wives, more kids than I can count) a secret could ever be.

Last night’s episode was maybe the best of the series. Here’s a review. I’m not big on suggesting people jump in anywhere but at the beginning of serial dramas so that they get the full experience, and less so of their reading too much about it beforehand, but last night’s show and that write-up so entirely captured the nature of Big Love that I think this is a case where the exception is warranted.

If you can read that review and not be intrigued, I’ll be surprised. The first three seasons are available on DVD if you don’t get HBO.

Consider this a public service announcement. There are worse ways to spend those long hot summer nights which are down the road.


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