Anybody watching?

The traffic figures over at The Dubya Chronicles are still holding up about where they were when the title character was busy ruining the country which is both good and bad news—good because we are consistent, bad because those figures have never been nearly as high as they should have been.

In any case, while the last new cartoon went up on January 20 (an eight year run from the same date in 2001), the site is still active. I am posting one or more cartoons from the series every Sunday (officially every Sunday, sometimes I put the week’s cartoon(s) up early, as I just did today), starting at the beginning. I’m going for the funniest and most pertinent cartoons in principle, but basically just picking whichever ones catch my eye since I figure that’s the same thing.

If you stopped coming by each week because you thought the party was over, well, it’s still going on. We’re at the after-everybody-left-sitting-around-the-bar-making-fun-of-them stage, metaphorically speaking.

Meanwhile, Rob Davis and I are still hard at work on our new feature, Outside Looking In. That link brings you to the archive right here; a new cartoon is posted here as one of the regular posts each week. I’ve been trying to figure out how to create an RSS feed directly to that page for the convenience of those who use Google Reader or some other web-based aggregator, but to no avail so far.

Anyway, check out the archive if so inclined and look for a new one right here in this space Real Soon Now, possibly as early as tomorrow.


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