Frack it.

That’s the F-word they use on Battlestar Galactica in place of the more common word and, boy, do they use it a lot. Just like the real world word, in other words (maybe I should have titled this post “Words,” eh?).

I cannot recommend this show too highly if you’re not watching–although you should NOT start now. We’re only seven issues from the end of the  final season and there would be no point at this point (could’a called it “Point” too). That way lies madness.  Seasons One through Four are  available on DVD and well worth the investment of time, when you have the time to take the time (and “Time” would have worked). I started with Season Two and it works from there on up but I’ll likely go back and see Season One after the finale.

This is one of the best television series I’ve watched over the long and dreary years of watching too many TV series and it is, right now, together with equally fabulous Friday Night Lights (which you should also watch from the beginning; it’s all amazing the “Saga of Smash,” a story thread which ended last night, is worth it all by itself), is the anchor of what is arguably the best television night of the week this season.

Also on the schedule (you need a DVD recorder, you do) are the cult favorites,  Monk and Psych, and Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse begins next Friday (early reviews on that one have been mixed but any show which brings back Eliza Dsuhku to the TV screen needs got to be checked out) while Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns as well.

Friday night used to the place where TV shows went to die (with the notable exception of the Sci-Fi channel using it successfully for some excellent series–that’s where Battlestar runs), but no more. And note how many of the above shows have an SF component.

It’s the night of the frackin’ geeks.


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