Rekindling an urge.

Do I need one of these?

I’ve been thinking for a while now that it would be great for traveling, rather than lugging around heavy books and that I could always find things I’d like reading, might in fact end up reading books I might not otherwise get around to. Almost ordered one prior to Christmas but was turned off by that out-of-stock thing.

Anyone reading this have one? If so, your thoughts?


6 Replies to “Rekindling an urge.”

  1. Jill has one and loves it. She orders new material for it on an almost weekly basis. Not my cuppa–I’ve tried using hers and I find the interface clunky in comparison to just turning the pages of a book.

  2. I pretty much agree that I’d prefer an actual book (although some of those hard covers get heavy in these old hands after a while), but for travel, including just train rides to and from the city, I am inclined to give it a try. First we’ll see what the upgrades really are and then the price….

    Thanks for the input, Pat. How’s life?

  3. Life’s good, such as it is. Actually got my driveway cleared in little time today.

    Would you like me to forward your e-mail to Jill…she can probably give you much more info about her use of the Kindle.


  4. My Daughter has one and loves it but I have read a lot of reviews in which people were not as happy. Plus it seems lately the prices of the books for the e-book thing-ees especially the Kindle have been going up to where at times they are more than a paperback! Search on and Boing Boing for more, I forget which web sites it was.

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