This is no time to look back (especially if you’re guilty as sin).

That’s the new mantra of every criminal, law-ignoring, standards-smashing, morality-bending minion who served the Worst. President. Ever.

And, of course,  of the pathetic, back-stabbing Joe Lieberman (who, at least—and least he certainly is—didn’t break any laws that we know of of).

President Obama wants to forgive and forget because he has a dream of inclusion and comity.

Democrats in both the Senate and the House want the same, both because that’s the way the buddy system works and because some of them, too many of them, were involved in the evil things which happened under Bush-Cheney.

To both the idealist and the CYA creeps, I say…


Gather the facts and prosecute those who should be prosecuted BECAUSE THEY BROKE THE LAW.

If we say, yet again, that it’s okay when you’re rich and powerful, Obama’s dream of a new, better America is doomed.

Who’s gonna believe in his dreams or ours if we cynically pretend nothing happened over the last eight years?


One Reply to “This is no time to look back (especially if you’re guilty as sin).”

  1. Absolutely! I think it would be a great idea. I also suspect that GWB, as well as his political runner, Dickhead Cheney, might not travel outside the USA again due to fears that like Augustus Pinochet he would be arrested elsewhere on war crimes charges and have his ass hauled to the Hague. Of course that would be to the cheers of millions.

    And as far as Lieberman, the next time I hear his name, the word after it ought to be resigns. i.e; Lieberman Resigns.

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