Pete, Bruce & a kid named Tao.

This (which I captured from Mark Evanier’s superb website) is apparently the only performance from the “We Are One” Inaugural Concert that the meanies from HBO can’t shut down. Fortunately it’s one of the best and one which reflects one of the strong messages inherent in the election and now presidency of Barack Obama (who makes a brief appearance as an “extra” in the crowd).


2 Replies to “Pete, Bruce & a kid named Tao.”

  1. Dammit, Jack. I thought for sure I had finished tearing up over anything involving the inauguration. Then you posted this. Pete Seeger ought to get some kind of medal if for nothing else than keeping the faith for so many long years. Good job again.

  2. I was really shocked to see the lost verses included at the official festivities. This is the most wonderfully subversive thing I have ever seen.

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