I have looked the laws of time and space in the eye…

…and sneered, which is to say that I posted tomorrow’s The Dubya Chronicles cartoon last night.

Why? Because I could.

Also because, as the penultimate entry in the eight year series,  this one will have a relatively short front page run.  Rob Davis and I will close out the Bush Era Disaster with a final entry on Inauguration Day.

The site will remain up and we’ll be doing a run of the best cartoons from the entire series in chronological order (I think, events may move us to running something appropriate from any point in the sad tale on a given week) and will be looking at creating a compendium of some sort, perhaps a DVD collection or a print volume of the best of the best with a DVD included or…

Well, we’ll be looking at all that. What happens all depends on whether there is any interest.

As for Mr. Davis and me, we have decided to create a brand new cartoon series,  and we will do so…

Right Here!

Look for a February launch unless things unfold really quickly.

Finally, as long as we’re on the topic of cartoons and the Worst. President. Ever., I just uploaded a funny one over here, courtesy of  Loyal  (perhaps entirely too loyal) Correspondent Carl P.


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