I have been sitting here on the couch for the last three hours laughing my ass off, a perfect remedy for the chronic back pain that picked this weekend to smack me with one last reminder of how annoying 2008 has been.

Except if you’re a Philadelphia sports fan.

The expletive-avoidance of the header is my family-friendly tribute to second baseman Chase Utley’s classic words to the adoring crowd of one-million plus two days after the Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World Series and ended a 25-year drought (100 professional seasons in baseball, football, basketball and hockey).

The Philadelphia Eagles, a team which has played badly too often, which has been coached poorly even more often, a team on the edge of nowhere, came into today needing at least two improbable losses by other teams in order to have a chance, then themselves beat the seemingly playoff-bound Dallas Cowboys here at home in the regular season’s final game, to sneak (limp) into the Playoffs.

The improbable–hell, the impossible–happened right on schedule.

And the Eagles proceeded to deliver unto the hated Cowgirls an ass-kicking of epic proportions, led by their awesome defense.

The Eagles exploded in the second quarter to virtually seal the win, then, on their first three possessions of the second half, Dallas turned the ball over all three times as the hapless Tony Romo enhanced his record of being a truly awful quarterback in the pressure of December.

Philadelphia just won, 44-6 , taking the sixth and last post-season slot in the NFC. Doing so by knocking Dallas out of that berth was as satisfying as doing the same to the New York Mets in baseball the last two years.

There is, of course, no reason to expect that the Eagles can do anything in the playoffs.

Just as there was no reason to think they’d be there in the first place.


5 Replies to “Un-BLEEPIN’-believable!”

  1. It’s amazing that the collapse of these jokers from Dallas somehow make the Mutts collapse seem all that more graceful. One word sums up the cowgirls…pathetic.

  2. NFL.com is saying it’s the worst drubbing the Cowgirls have taken in 20 years. Un-bleepin’-believable indeed. Now DO something with it! The Eagles have proven that they CAN beat the best in the NFL. The Giants made a hell of an improbable run last year: can the Iggles do it in 08/09?

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