The culture of dumb.

To fully understand ongoing wingnut culture and arguments, you really ought to read this.

It says some things that have gone unsaid much too long.

To whet your appetites:

Notice, especially, how the free market exists always outside of history, as if it were something that wasn’t invented, but rather discovered. To this free market, major crises will ‘come along,’ uncaused by anyone or anything in particular…

[… ]

conservatism’s organizing principle, the pinion around which it revolves, is to advance the interests of established wealth; that its method is to indulge Americans’ baser impulses by providing a ceaseless parade of outrages and enemies, a gladiatorial cheering for military adventures, flattery for the ignorant, and certainty for the incurious; and that the sum total of conservatives’ wants and beliefs has historically, since ‘conservatism’ became a movement rather than a temperament, equated to a sort of small-’f’ fascism, an American ‘free enterprise’ version of what Italy seemed to be in the 1920s, and Germany seemed even better to represent for a brief few years in the 1930s: a system in which the Federal government is represented by a strong and enabled military and a robust security sector, while business interests and individuals of success reigned, according to natural law, over the free market of civil life and culture.


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