Why I still need Internet Explorer.

I long ago replaced Internet Explorer with Firefox as my browser, a move I suspect was made by a lot of you reading this. The audience may be small but it does seem astute.

Explorer is still on my system, of course, no point in removing it. And it does have it uses. For one thing, it is the default “preview” browser used by Notetab Pro, the excellent text editor I use to write HTML files for uploading to the net and allows me to see what a page will look like before I actually do that. This was much more a factor when I was doing my whole website by hand, not so much so not that do these blogs online with WordPress. It is still invaluable for The Dubya Chronicles, however, since that whole site is done by hand even now.

Also, a newsletter I do for a local brewery looks very different in IE than it does in Firefox when sent by email and viewed with Gmail. It is much cleaner and better in IE because of some conflicts with Gmail and for that, and other things I do online, IE is an easy method of checking what people are seeing and/or if they are seeing what I want them to.

IE is also the only browser that allows Netflix members to view the free online movies which are part of our membership. I hadn’t used it for that until Sunday evening and was very, very impressed with the capability and the quality of the film on my computer screen.

The movie I watched was the original version of The Day the Earth Stood Still from 1951 as part of deciding whether or not I’d be checking out the remake which was released last Friday and which is playing at a pretty nice movie theater about three miles down the road.

One of the things I hope to do with Mermaids in 2009 is spent more time on pop culture topics and, if I can, check out a new movie several times a month. The movie house down the road, along with several other with a fifteen minute drive or so, offers that opportunity. This was the first step in that direction; whether I can adjust my weekly schedule to follow through with the plan remains to be seen.


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