Bushco & Company crimes, EPA division.

Over the next several months, probably up to two years, we are going to see all sorts of “exposes” about the sins and, yes, crimes of the Bush Administration.

Sadly, the Democrats who now control the government, starting at the top in the Oval Office, will not have the heart nor the guts to go for criminal prosecutions so we will have to wait for the judgment of history to see justice done.

As an age-challenged observer, this does not make me happy. I want to see Dopey and his Evil Doc Cheney in the docket, I really do.

In any case, some of the revelations began today in the first of a four-part series in the Philadelphia Inquirer which will reveal how the Bush/Cheney crowd abused the EPA Administration in order to serve their corporate masters.

It is, as I say, a four-part series so use that bookmark to read the whole thing between now and Wednesday. There will be a test…not immediately, but when you have to explain to your children what we allowed to happen over the past eight years.


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