Good lord, Chauncey, look at what they’re doing in the colonies.

Dick Polman devotes today’s column to looking at how the Brits see 2008 America and the Presidential Election.

It is not pretty.

Indeed, it’s painful.

Sadly, it’s also difficult to argue with.

Given the way things are going, it would appear that there is a special place in political hell being reserved for Sarah Barracuda. She is not the American Maggie Thatcher and there is probably  no longer any serious political future for her at all. She’s even too dumb for the wingnuts, and that’s really, really dumb.

Palin is history despite how nicely her anti-intellectualism would fit in which the new, righter-than-right GOP which now seems likely to emerge from the wreckage.

Mean old white guys will be taking over; no chicks allowed.


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