As we descend into the abyss he created, let us not forget George W. Bush. [UPDATED 9 Oct 08]

John McCain looks older and older and his chances  of winning the Presidency are virtually nil.  Sarah Palin has ceased to be merely an amusing distraction and become merely an annoyance, and one stirring up hatred and violence at that. They are the standard bearers of the most inept and poorly conceived campaign I have ever seen and history will judge the selection of Palin as the single act that doomed what was already a difficult enterprise.

Tom Brokaw set a record as the Worst. Debate.  Moderator. Ever., jumping ahead of Gwen Ifill and that wasn’t easy to do. His was a perfect example of “insider mentality;” he thought the “rules” were more important than getting answers. He kept hectoring the candidates about the stupid clock until he finally and grudgingly submitted to reality. It was just terrible.

Meanwhile, economies around the world are sinking faster than the shattered dreams of right wing bloggers.

So let’s take a break and forget all that. Let’s instead turn our attention back to the Doofus in the White House and what, in a better world, might have been.

It’s all the Founding Fathers fault:

(Note: I’d love to credit this cartoon’s creator but it came to me as a forwarded message from a private mailing list I’m not supposed to be seeing and there is no indication where it originated.)

UPDATE: Fine human being Rob Davis, as he reveals in one of the comments below,  took his fellow cartoonist’s name from the art and did a google search to track down Dan Collins, the man who did the cartoon and the webpage where he is selling it and other artwork.

I’m glad Rob did the heavy lifting for me but I do hate it when somebody is smart enough to figure out the obvious which escaped me ’cause it makes me feel really dumb, so I’m now gonna come up with a really complicated and lots-of-work concept for this week’s Dubya Chronicles to make his life a living hell.


4 Replies to “As we descend into the abyss he created, let us not forget George W. Bush. [UPDATED 9 Oct 08]”

  1. Since 1988 the debates have been run by a bipartisan group of lobbyists instead of the League of Women Voters, so it’s no wonder that they are glorified press releases.

    It really was a nothing debate. Between Bill Clinton and George Bush, this country has really gone to the dogs. Had Bill been able to keep his pecker dry for 8 years, Bush never would have been elected. How Bush got re-elected after his complete incompetence as a leader the first four years is beyond me, but if there is anyone who scares me more than GW, it’s Sarah Palin..she’s like a Bush with ambition.

  2. I think you touch on something that not a lot of people ever think about. Bill Clinton will pay a terrible price to history for not only blowing (no pun intended) a chance to achieve much, much more but for setting the stage for the election of Dubya.

    Not that the press didn’t play a large part in that as well. They played out their pique on Gore to get back at Clinton’s having made them look foolish for their Watergate gullibility, his ability to survive the outrageous attacks of the GOP Congress in the impeachment foolish, thus ruining their Big Story.

    Of course, Clinton helped create that Congress, which was a two-edged sword in the end, as it gave him the sorts of enemies you want in such a public struggle such as that and a perfect foil. I’ll take my chances any day when the guy on the other side is a phony like Newt Gingrich.

  3. I did a google search on “Collins, Cartoonist” and came up with Dan Collins as the creator of this brilliant bit of art! He’s selling posters of this and other of his works at:

    And as for McCain/Palin– the fat lady ain’t sung and we’re weeks away yet. I’m sure hoping you’re right and Obama wins this thing going away (and it’s looking that way in the polls), but there’s always some swift-boat out there and the public certainly seems willing to listen to lies and crappolla when it has a nice conservative sauce on it. Fingers crossed.

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