She was partisan. She made us mad. Wah!

Is that REALLY the argument the GOP House Leaders want to make?

The Dems just tore them a new one in a news conference.

Barney Frank: “Somebody’s feelings were hurt and now they want to punish the country?”

He also offered, if someone would give him the name of the 12 recalcitrant Republican members (“by an amazing coincidence, the exact number needed to reverse the vote”)  to “go and talk real nice to them.”

If anybody, on either side, had even an ounce of faith in the good faith of the White House, everyone would be turning now to the President to pull things together.

But that ship sailed a long time ago.

By the way, John McCain made a show this morning about how he Got It Done with his campaign suspension last week. Now he is as silent as Sarah Palin, while Barack Obama promised, at a campaign rally in Colorado, the the Democrats would continue to work for a solution.


3 Replies to “She was partisan. She made us mad. Wah!

  1. IMHO, this bill was close to doomed the whole time due to overwhelming opposition by people across the country and political spectrum. Many of them un-, or under- informed. This bill needs must be worked on more and another attempt tried. The big crisis, as I see it, not whether certain businesses or institutions fail, but that credit is getting SO hard to get for the smooth functioning of the economy (such as it is) that things will go from bad to VERY worse in short order without something being done. There is, as my broker oput it today, panic and fear EVERYWHERE in the system. The good thing, as he puts it, is that Panic and fear usually do not last too long, but then after that comes a time when things move either one way, or the other. Right now, the heavy pressure, due to today’s actions, isw for things to go the wrong way.

    For the GOP to declare this all Barack’s and the Democrat’s fault is the height of asininity. There is blame to be spread everywhere and I thinkl, had McCain NOT stuck his beak in last week to no effect at all except to roil things, the bill would have been put together and passed last weekend.

    As I saw a note online a bit ago. Bush is now in the position to be remembered as even worse than that free market hero, Herbert Hoover.

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