House bails out on Bailout, Dow sinking fast.

Bailout Plan falls in the House.

Has any President of the United States ever been so completely weak and powerless?

Failure of leadership of epic proportions.


3 Replies to “House bails out on Bailout, Dow sinking fast.”

  1. An argument can be made for that position but it needs at least to be noted that the Dems said they would deliver 140 votes and delivered 141 Only the Repugnant leadership failed to do what it promised. And the subsequent “our feelings were hurt” defense by John Boehner et al is just sad. Talk about the psychology of victimization…

  2. “Psychology of victimization…”

    A straw man hoisted regularly by the Right and Republican as what is wrong with society (remember “a nation of whiners”?). Now they have joined the chorus of whine and have no cheese with which to enjoy it– though they’re cheesy enough…

    Personally, I’m with the majority of the public- let the CEO’s and shareholders eat cake. No bailout. They made this little crapcake, now they can eat it and damned well like it. Thing is they’ll probably take my 401k with ’em, bastids!

    What a mess.

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