The “Oprah of Fox News” or Senator Caribou?

Mark Evanier suggests today, in a post conjecturing that Sarah Palin will resign from the campaign before Election Day (he doesn’t believe it and neither do I, if only because a slew of absentee votes have already been cast and I’m not sure how that would work), that if it happened she would “totally vanish for a while, only to reappear after her term of office is up as the Oprah of Fox News.”

An intriguing thought and a job that would suit her perfectly, but I have another scenario in mind.

Quite simply, the folks who used the Worst. President. Ever. as a front man must be salivating over a chance to deal with another empty vessel.

Sarah Palin is George W. Bush in Drag, possessing a mindless religious conviction that she is always right, an unshakable certainty in her own gut reactions and and almost completeĀ  lack of intellectual curiosity.

She is a blank slate and the behind-the-scenes guys will take her under their wing post-election and begin grooming her, with an eye on 2016 if Obama is a success, 2012 if not. Another year or two being suddenly all bipartisan in the governorship in Alaska, then into the Senate (House first if necessary), would be the most likely plan.

Then again, in this celebrity culture, maybe Evanier’s Fox News gig would be just as good or even better.

All this, of course, is predicated on things as they are and is subject to change depending what kind of Republican Party exists four to eight years from now. It isn’t clear to me yet who will pick up the pieces of the historic wreckage that has been the Bush Administration.

Cultural conservatives still fighting to hold back the future? Economic conservatives wanting regain all the ground they’ve lost through the Great Bailout? Libertarian small gummint types (hopefully brighter than the moronic element that now pollutes the House of Representatives)?

What will be the Bush Era’s legacy for the GOP? Whatever it is, we can say with confidence that they earned it and they own it.


4 Replies to “The “Oprah of Fox News” or Senator Caribou?”

  1. You know I needed a good laugh today and my friend you gave it to me. I never thought about Sara Palin being a George W. Bush in drag but it works. I think you got it right on the nose. I propose that we start a push to vote out all of these people and start all over again. The corruption on the hills needs to stop as of yesterday. So what do you say, do you want to join the cause to VOTE THEM ALL OUT!????

  2. Read ME’s piece and then this. I have a thought though on this statement:

    “Another year or two being suddenly all bipartisan in the governorship in Alaska, then into the Senate (House first if necessary), would be the most likely plan.”

    Actually, Many more people who were Governor’s have become president than people who were Senators. In fact, if I am not mistaken, only two people have ever gone directly from the Senate to the presidency. A mixed bag too as it was Warren Harding (rumored to actually be the first black president) and John Kennedy.

    I think, IF the GOP loses badly this time and again (hopefully) in 2012, should we survive the mayan disaster, that by then they will have rooted out a lot of the extremists and tried to return the party more to the middle.

    Or, they will have radicalized and things will be even more polarized than they are now to the point of complete government paralysis.

  3. Points well taken but, Bill Clinton aside, small state governors are not the ones who make it to the top in this modern era and Alaska is well outside the norm as well which leaves her outside the spotlight. She would need to get into the national arena and Congress would be the way to do that…as would becoming a Fox News personality, I suppose. I mean, Chris Matthews is exploring running in Pennsylvania as a Democrat right now.

    However, I do think there will be a very different GOP eight years from now, if not four. Or maybe no GOP at all. And if Obama should lose this November, I’d certainly argue that the Dems are done as well; if they win, they got some shelf life to work with, ditto the Repugs.

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