Bible Spice* in town, unavailable for comment.

Caribou Barbie was in Philadelphia last night during the debate (her new moniker, a la the headline*, was coined by a commenter on on the Swampland site today) and spent an hour or two at a private, invitation-only party at the center city Irish Pub (she’d never dare go to the one down by the theater district which attracts of Teh Gay and a more liberal crowd).

Shockingly, she answered no questions and was shielded from the press.

Not so shockingly, there are no reports that, during this or any other visit here, she bothered to visit the historical district or any of the places where our nation was formed.

As she has said, knowing stuff and visiting places, that sort of thing is only for the rich, not for “one of us.”

“One of us,” it seems, is meant to live in a bubble.

The Most Qualified Woman in the World was unavailable to go out on TV and spread the good word that Grumpy Grandpa wasn’t the sour old man he appeared in the debate. They had to send out lovable Rudy Giuliani instead (if ever there was a guy you didn’t want to try and convince people that you’re not as unlikable and cranky as you seem, I’d think it would be America’s Mayor, but the entire McCain Campaign is operating in a different world than am I, it appears).

Barack Obama therefore enjoyed the considerable advantage of having an articulate running mate who was all over the TV screens last night, pointing out McCain lies and miscues:

The meme which seems to be developing from the debate is that Johnny Mac’s clear disdain for his opponent, his barely controlled anger that he even had to appear at this demeaning event instead of being coronated unopposed and his sad and cowardly inability to even look at Obama much less directly into his eyes, is going to be as damaging to him as those vaunted “heavy sighs” were to Al Gore.

We shall see.

One thing that seems fairly evident is that, like Jack Kennedy in 1960 and Ronald Reagan in 1980, Obama took the stage against a supposedly more experienced and qualified opponent and more than held his own. Given that he was already ahead in the polls, that’s probably something of a win in an evening which seems likely to be seen as a tie on the substance.

That, and the fact that when Grumpy Grandpa and Cool Black Dude appear on stage together for a while, Cool Black Dude wins every time.

Obama will be up another two or three points nationally come Monday or Tuesday or whenever these things sort themselves out.

Would I lie?


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